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Ava Green is a passionate advocate for holistic and natural health. She is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist with over 10 years of experience in the field. Ava is also a certified yoga instructor and meditation teacher. Ava's blog, The Natural Path, is a resource for people who are looking for alternative and natural ways to improve their health. She shares her knowledge and experience about herbs, essential oils, yoga, meditation, and other natural healing methods. Ava is a strong believer in the power of nature to heal the mind, body, and spirit. She is committed to helping people find natural ways to achieve optimal health and well-being. Here are some additional details about Ava Green: Age: 35 Location: San Francisco, California Education: Bachelor of Science in Herbalism from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Master of Science in Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Experience: 10 years of experience as a herbalist and aromatherapist, 5 years of experience as a yoga instructor and meditation teacher Blog: HealthSci - https://healthsci.day/

Ava Green

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The Unique Benefits of Zinc: Discover Its Vital Importance 🌟

June 15, 2024 by Ava Green

Hey there, health enthusiasts! 🌿 Today, let’s dive into the fascinating world of zinc and uncover why it's such a crucial mineral for our overall well-being. This article highlights the unique benefits of zinc and its vital importance in our daily lives. 🌟

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Mastering Intermittent Fasting: 7 Essential Rules for Success 🕰️🍎

May 28, 2024 by Ava Green

Intermittent fasting has gained immense popularity for its numerous health benefits, from weight loss to improved brain function. Today, we’ll dive into the seven most important rules of intermittent fasting, condensing insights from numerous sources into one comprehensive guide. 🌟 Let's get started!

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Unlock the Power of Homemade Natural Antibiotic Drinks: A Comprehensive Guide

May 7, 2024 by Ava Green

In an era where health is paramount, finding effective ways to bolster our immune system naturally is more crucial than ever. Antibiotics, while effective against bacteria, don't tackle other pathogens such as viruses, yeast, or fungi. This is where natural remedies, specifically designed to enhance the body's antimicrobial defense, come into play. Today, I'll walk you through creating a potent Natural Antibiotic Drink that harnesses the antimicrobial powers of plants to support your immune system.

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Keto and Constipation: How to Tackle Digestive Challenges Naturally

May 4, 2024 by Ava Green

Hey Keto Enthusiasts! 🥑🥓 Struggling with constipation since you started your keto journey? You're not alone! Today, we're uncovering how to smooth things out and keep your digestive system happy. Ready? Let's dive in! 💪

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Why I Eat Cheese Every Day

April 25, 2024 by Ava Green

Hey cheese lovers! 🎉 Every day, I make it a point to indulge in one of my all-time favorite foods—cheese! 🍽️ But not just any cheese; I have a special place in my heart (and stomach!) for goat and sheep cheese. 🐐🐑 Why? Not only do they pack a unique flavor, but they also boast some incredible health benefits that you might not be aware of! So, let’s dive into why goat and sheep cheese are the top picks on my cheeseboard! 🧀❤️

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